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11 Requirements for Attracting Others

“Never judge a book by its cover…   But assume everybody else is judging yours.”       What does your “cover” say about you?   What do people think they will see inside based on the image you present?   We all must face a simple fact: looks matter, and they matter a lot. Everything about your look sends messages to others.     Your sense of style can go a long way towards...

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Chapter II – How to Meet New People – Overview

Generating attraction requires a mastery of social dynamics.   Without interpersonal skills, any initial success will be short-lived.     How to Meet New People   In Chapter I, we focused on prepping you for learning how to meet new people.  If you just skimmed over that material, please go back and thoroughly digest the articles. Our advanced techniques in Chapter II and III will be sabotaged if you haven’t embraced...

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How Can I Make Myself More Attractive?

“There are always answers.   We just need to be smart enough to listen.”       QUESTION (from jamesrebel130):   I am 23 years old and i am shy and maybe too skinny than i would like to be. But I know i have to change I cant even look at a beautiful woman without looking away. What should i do? I just wish I could submissive not play the dominant role.  Is there a way that i can make myself better with women/...

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Connecticut School Shooting Teaches Valuable Lessons

“One man with a gun can control 100 without one.”   Vladimir Lenin         Another tragic school shooting…another desperate search for answers, scapegoats, and solutions. Ever since the tragedy…mainstream and social media has been littered with the familiar debates over gun control, mental health, video game violence, song lyrics, etc. It’s fine to debate these things every time some wacko...

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4 Things That Kill Her Sex Drive – Men’s Health Article

 “Relationships switch from passionate to compassionate between 6 and 30 months”   Robin Milhausen, Ph.D. sex researcher in Ontario         Wonder why she is losing interest in sex?   An article by Mens Health attempted to solve this issue.   Unfortunately, the article failed to deliver, so we have a special Chapter on our website – Related Dating Advice from the Web – that addresses online...

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