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What are the 3 Steps to Optimacy?

Envision radiating an power that attracts visitors to you instantly. We’re naturally attracted to self-confident, capable and protected individuals. They seem strong, fascinating, and reputable. You can’t MAKE somebody be interested in you personally, but you really can make your-self more appealing. With proper characteristics, you do not REQUIRE pre-planned programs or gadgets. You behave intuitively and become naturally...

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Sex 101 – Overview

“Sex is a part of nature…   I go along with nature.”   Marilyn Monroe     Humans are the only species that experiences so much anxiety, fear, and ignorance regarding sex. Even though we are instinctively hardwired to have “sex”...certain cultural and religious beliefs have influenced many people’s beliefs and actions. In some cases, the “influence” has resulted in shame, repression,...

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Conversation Openers – Part I – Overview

A good first impression only guarantees a second impression…   A bad first impression guarantees it is your last!     CONVERSATION OPENERS   Every relationship begins as strangers. The only way to meet people is to start conversations with others (or have them start conversations with you). With respect to dating, those who sit back wait for their prince or princess to find them are inevitably disappointed and...

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Safe Sex

  “Guys who don’t wear condoms should be forced to have sex with other guys who don’t wear condoms.”     DISCLAIMER: This information is not intended to replace the advice of a doctor.   Safe Sex   Although safe sex is not a popular subject, any discussion of sex would be incomplete without addressing it. Let’s start first with the bad news…   Abstinence is the only 100%...

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Video 6 – Bachelorette 2013 – Episode 1 Analysis

It’s a new season of The Bachelorette!   Are first impressions important?     As we showed in previous videos, first impressions are very important. In this six video, we continue our analysis of the first episode of the Bachelorette by looking at the limo introductions. This video features a guy who goes super aggressive and sexual right from the start. It’s the prototypical bad boy approach, but he went way too far....

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(Females) How to Communicate Sexual Innuendo?

  “Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising”       Women face many dilemmas when it comes to sex and communicating their interests.   How do you indicate interest without appearing too easy or slutty?   Do you just keep silent and pretend to think sex is something evil or nothing of interest?   A recent article/video on Yahoo attempted to address this issue...

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