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When to Change Your Facebook Relationship Status

  Your Facebook profile is a commercial for YOU!!!         A recent survey on Mashables (link) asked about when you should change your relationship status on Facebook. It’s fun to read, but YOUR decision should NOT be influenced by a survey. Here are some tips though: Talk about it in ADVANCE with your significant other. Think about the worse case scenario. (Are you OK with the embarrassment of changing it back if...

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Optimacy Video – The Bachelorette – 2 Ways to Know if You’re in Love

The first step towards wisdom is calling things by their right names. Can you define love??? Understanding love gives you a huge advantage in diagnosing and managing your emotions. If you don’t define “love” for yourself, then you will be a prisoner to whatever definition is applicable to the other person. In this video, we take a comprehensive approach to defining love and teach you the secrets to know when it is REAL! It includes an excerpt...

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Bigorexia ???

  “Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are”         A recent article on the CBS website featured a new concept called “Bigorexia”. While this article probably exaggerates the negative health consequences of working out, there is a bigger “mental illness” with bigorexia, anorexia, plastic surgery, etc. There is an epidemic in this country of poor body image and low...

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How to Get Out of the Friend Zone – The Critical First 4 Steps

  “How to Get Out of the Friend Zone”           Famous Friendzone Quotes   I love you like a brother”   “You’re so nice.  I wouldn’t want to lose our friendship”   Can you relate to the quotes above? If not, maybe this story sounds familiar…   How to Get Out of the Friend Zone Case Study   Four years ago, George met Brittany at a mutual friend’s...

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Will The Game book get you laid???

  Think all Alpha Male PUA’s with The Game book get laid?           Many guys who buy the Game book by Neil Strauss think they will get laid.   But that is no longer the case…   Why are even the best PUAs with Alpha Male traits starting to struggle?   Does the Game book still work?   Which pickup artist approaches, conversation openers, and tactics are still effective?   Almost everyone –...

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7 Minute Workout

  You don’t need expensive gym equipment for a good cardio workout. You don’t even need a home gym or weight bench!       Try the 7 Minute Workout     We don’t sponsor specific exercises at Optimacy because each person should consult with their doctor regarding the right routine for them. However, here is a new article from the NY Times that offers a great alternative you should discuss with your...

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