How Can I Make Myself More Attractive?

“There are always answers.   We just need to be smart enough to listen.”       QUESTION (from jamesrebel130):   I am 23 years old and i am shy and maybe too skinny than i would like to be. But I know i have to change I cant even look at a beautiful woman without looking away. What should i do? I just wish I could submissive not play the dominant role. ┬áIs there a way that i can make myself better with women/...

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Optimacy – Introduction – Members Read First!!!

  Welcome to Optimacy!       It’s great to have you join us…reading these lessons…and ready to learn new skills. You are now part of a select group and will soon experience advantages you’ve never had before.   Optimacy is really powerful stuff!     Besides improving your self-esteem and confidence, we also teach significant powers of persuasion and many subconscious methods of...

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