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(Females) How to Communicate Sexual Innuendo?

  “Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising”       Women face many dilemmas when it comes to sex and communicating their interests.   How do you indicate interest without appearing too easy or slutty?   Do you just keep silent and pretend to think sex is something evil or nothing of interest?   A recent article/video on Yahoo attempted to address this issue...

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When to Change Your Facebook Relationship Status

  Your Facebook profile is a commercial for YOU!!!         A recent survey on Mashables (link) asked about when you should change your relationship status on Facebook. It’s fun to read, but YOUR decision should NOT be influenced by a survey. Here are some tips though: Talk about it in ADVANCE with your significant other. Think about the worse case scenario. (Are you OK with the embarrassment of changing it back if...

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Will The Game book get you laid???

  Think all Alpha Male PUA’s with The Game book get laid?           Many guys who buy the Game book by Neil Strauss think they will get laid.   But that is no longer the case…   Why are even the best PUAs with Alpha Male traits starting to struggle?   Does the Game book still work?   Which pickup artist approaches, conversation openers, and tactics are still effective?   Almost everyone –...

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7 Minute Workout

  You don’t need expensive gym equipment for a good cardio workout. You don’t even need a home gym or weight bench!       Try the 7 Minute Workout     We don’t sponsor specific exercises at Optimacy because each person should consult with their doctor regarding the right routine for them. However, here is a new article from the NY Times that offers a great alternative you should discuss with your...

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What Women Want ???

  If you believe everything you read… You better not read.       According to a recent study referenced by Lisa Collier Cool on Yahoo! Health…Women prefer skinny guys over masculine guys with square jaws and muscles. You can read the complete article here, but it goes on to say there is no link between testosterone and “hotness”. “We found that a man’s weight serves as a better indicator of the...

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Connecticut School Shooting Teaches Valuable Lessons

“One man with a gun can control 100 without one.”   Vladimir Lenin         Another tragic school shooting…another desperate search for answers, scapegoats, and solutions. Ever since the tragedy…mainstream and social media has been littered with the familiar debates over gun control, mental health, video game violence, song lyrics, etc. It’s fine to debate these things every time some wacko...

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