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4 Things That Kill Her Sex Drive – Men’s Health Article

 “Relationships switch from passionate to compassionate between 6 and 30 months”   Robin Milhausen, Ph.D. sex researcher in Ontario         Wonder why she is losing interest in sex?   An article by Mens Health attempted to solve this issue.   Unfortunately, the article failed to deliver, so we have a special Chapter on our website – Related Dating Advice from the Web – that addresses online...

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Facebook Bang with Friends App

  It was only a matter of time – Bang with Friends App         Interested in using Facebook for more than just friendship?   Finally…there is Facebook app that says what you REALLY mean.   The new Facebook app – Bang with Friends offers a new method for users who want to meet their friends in a more ‘lustful’ manner. From what we can tell, you simply install the app and select the...

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What Men Want?

  Men have two emotions…   Hungry and Horny       When it comes to attraction…men are typically portrayed as shallow and superficial. In most cases, the stereotype is true.  What men want is simple, and they are quite content if those needs are met. The reality is that… Men’s preference in women is largely based on physical beauty and youth. There is no sense denying or trying to fight it.  These...

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