Generating attraction requires a mastery of social dynamics.


Without interpersonal skills, any initial success will be short-lived.



How to Meet New People

In Chapter I, we focused on prepping you for learning how to meet new people.  If you just skimmed over that material, please go back and thoroughly digest the articles.

Our advanced techniques in Chapter II and III will be sabotaged if you haven’t embraced the concepts in Chapter I and practiced the exercises provided.

Think about it…

  • If you don’t have good body language and posture, anything you say will be discounted or ignored.
  • If you aren’t dressed sharped or your wardrobe doesn’t fit you properly, you invite unflattering stereotypes that will discredit even the best opening lines.
  • If you have low self-esteem and can’t handle rejection, what’s the point in teaching advanced sexual techniques?


Before proceeding with Chapter II, here are a couple of questions to ask yourself about Chapter I:

1.  Did I practice the good posture exercises?  


2.  Has good posture become second nature?


3.  Have I asked third parties for an honest assessment of my image?


4.  Have I bought some new clothes and/or got some existing clothes tailored to improve my image?


5.  Am I paying attention to my appearance at all times or still skimping on what I wear and how I groom myself?


6.  Have I done the perception exercises to enhance my self-esteem and confidence?


7.  Have I adopted the right mental attitude and fully embraced the Optimacy Commandments?


8.  Do I realize I will get rejected early-on and make mistakes that I can learn from?


9.  Am I truly ready to start successfully interacting with the opposite sex…or do I just want it without doing any necessary preparations or changes to myself.

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You don’t have to MASTER everything in Chapter I yet.

Some of the exercises may require several weeks (or even months) of practice and effort.  



Mastering ALL the concepts and exercises in Chapter I should continue to be your highest priority.  


As you progress, Chapter II focuses on social dynamics – How to Meet New People, Where to Meet New People, How to Talk to Women / Men, etc.

You don’t need to rush, but it’s time to prep you with the critical skills necessary for meeting new people.

One of the first things we discuss in Chapter II is…

Online Dating

Online dating has drawbacks and stigmas, but it is a perfect place to practice interactions with the opposite sex.

It doesn’t require the real-time thinking required in face-to-face conversations.  It also removes many factors such as body language, eye contact, etc. that you may not have mastered yet.

Our material related to Online Dating is extensive and covered in several parts.  Make sure you read all the articles thoroughly.  Some of the tips and secrets are extremely effective and should not be missed.

After a few weeks of practicing the online dating material, you should then progress to our articles that deal with real-time interactions such as:

Where and How to Meet New People

How to Master Small Talk

—  Texting Secrets

—  Flirting tips

Conversation Openers

Do/Don’ts for a First Date


But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves nor wait any further.  If you’re ready for the initial parts of Chapter II, click here for the first part of our series related to Online Dating.