A good first impression only guarantees a second impression…


A bad first impression guarantees it is your last!




Every relationship begins as strangers.

The only way to meet people is to start conversations with others (or have them start conversations with you).

With respect to dating, those who sit back wait for their prince or princess to find them are inevitably disappointed and frustrated.



Few people master the skills necessary to approach a stranger.


For many…the fear of rejection scares them from talking to others.  Their fear costs them countless opportunities to meet new people.

For others…the anxiety causes them to drink and/or become obnoxious caricatures of themselves in order to approach strangers.  They inevitably learn that liquid courage sabotages their personalities and harms there chances more than helping.

While both males and females share these weaknesses, research shows that the most severe problems are with males.


One particular study found that 98% of women experience some form of what they consider street harassment from men.


In many cases, this is pesky catcalling.  In other cases, this includes people invading their personal space and/or wasting their time with unwelcome advances.


Other studies report that a high percentage of women lament NOT being approached by QUALITY guys.

Research or no research, one thing is abundantly clear…


Most guys are ignorant about how to start a successful conversation with women.


Fortunately, many guys acknowledge this weakness and try to get help.

Unfortunately, this one weakness has started a cottage industry of pseudo ‘pickup artists’ claiming to solve the problem.

Their scripted routines, lame questions, and cheesy lines never work as much as they claim.

And little do they know…The few insecure females that they do work on would have just as easily been courted with “Hi…my name is John”

As for females…The biggest issue is whether they should approach men at all.

Recently, a female student asked us if she would be considered a ‘slut’ if she approached guys.  (She also asked about kissing on the first date, but our answer is the same.)



A female will NOT be considered a slut IF they are approaching guys for the right reasons.  

The approach itself is not what makes a women a ‘slut’ or not — it’s the motivation behind the approach.

A girl who is lonely and approaches random guys out of desperation will be perceived poorly.  

However, a confident and secure women can selectively approach ANYONE they are interested in meeting without fear of negative stigmas.  

Just as women can sense desperation on men…men can sense the same from a women who approaches them.  As long as your mindset is in the right place, a woman should feel totally secure in approaching any man they desire to meet.  


Curing mindset and other problems related to opening conversations is easier than you think.  However, it requires more than just some sample pickup lines and scripted routines.

To address this issue in a comprehensive fashion, our training will cover the following:

Part II – Getting Over Approach Anxiety

Part III – Body Language

Part IV – Avoiding the common mistakes made by others

Part V+  –  Choosing the right opening line/approach with PROVEN examples of success

While many of these lessons will be geared for the male perspective, these lessons apply equally to females if they embrace taking the initiative to meet new people.



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