The main reason why most men fail to be confident especially when it comes to getting out of the friend zone isn’t because they lack something; rather, it’s because they’re very fearful of something. Much dating advice talks about adding something to your personality or doing something that is totally away from your character. These advice givers do not understand that it isn’t always about utilizing new techniques, especially if the main problem is fear. The average guy does not gain much success at getting out of the friend zone quickly because he is simply afraid. His fear covers up his inherent potential to be great at dating.

You know why you don’t come across as humorous as you should be? It’s because when you think of a joke to crack, it is immediately sent to the trash bin by your fear-fear that it might not sound funny at all or that you might look like a complete idiot. You’re so conscious about every single move that you make and every single word that comes out of your mouth in your attempts to do everything right that you’re so afraid you might make a mistake or say something wrong and ruin the entire moment. You can’t foster good interpersonal relationships with others because you’re afraid to reveal the real you to them because they might not like you for who you are, or that they might perceive you as someone who’s inadequate, or that you might not live up to their expectations of you. You can’t walk up to the girl that you like because you’re afraid that she might reject you, ignore you, or over react. Your fear eats you up slowly but surely.

But the good news is that you can still do something about it and it’s never too late. First, you have to be aware of that fear, accept its existence and realize that this fear is your own creation.

Once you understand this, you will be freer from the shackles of fear that holds you back. Only by seeing the absurdity of your fear can you win over it to become the real confident man that you are and finally get out of the friend zone for good.