It was only a matter of time –

Bang with Friends App





Interested in using Facebook for more than just friendship?


Finally…there is Facebook app that says what you REALLY mean.


The new Facebook app – Bang with Friends offers a new method for users who want to meet their friends in a more ‘lustful’ manner.

From what we can tell, you simply install the app and select the Facebook friends you are ‘interested in’.

Per an article on Mashables:

“To join, users sign in with Facebook, and are taken to a page that features names and photos of their friends.

After settling on an object (or objects) of lust, users must click a “Down to Bang” button that then changes to “Awaiting Bang.”

If your friend is interested in a reciprocal mating….errr…meeting. Then, the app will inform both of you of the good news.

The app raises tons of questions, but one of the more obvious issues involves…

What if there is no match?

Does the other party know that they have been singled out as a potential love interest?

The potential for embarrassment is quite large if your interests are revealed.

However, the bigger question is…

Why is this app needed???

Facebook already has chat and messaging that you can use to communicate your intentions.

Unfortunately, no technology, app, or robot has been invented yet to cure people of approach anxiety.

If you can only “approach” the opposite sex with a keyboard and app, then your chances of long-term success will never improve.

Our recommendation is simple…

Feel free to use technology such as online dating, apps, chat rooms, etc as tools for practice…but NEVER rely on it to solve your problems with meeting the opposite sex.

Without addressing your self-esteem, confidence, and competence…you will never obtain Optimacy and never enjoy meaningful success with the opposite sex.



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