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QUESTION (from jamesrebel130):


I am 23 years old and i am shy and maybe too skinny than i would like to be. But I know i have to change I cant even look at a beautiful woman without looking away. What should i do?

I just wish I could submissive not play the dominant role.  Is there a way that i can make myself better with women/ more attractive to them.   I don’t want to pay for a dominatrix my entire life and would like something more. I know most beautiful, seductive and intelligent women prefer dominant men.  I know you have great insight into the sexual drive of both men and women, so maybe you can help.





First…you need to be honest with yourself.  

Do you REALLY want to be weak, shy, and submissive your entire life?  

Or are you just giving up because you think it is too hard to become more dominant, confident, and assertive?

If you want to become more confident, then start with our Chapter 1 and make sure you do EVERY exercise.  Take your time and have fun with it.  Self-improvement shouldn’t be rushed or feel like work.

One of our suggestions is Chapter 1 is to use reverse psychology on yourself.  Instead of worrying about getting rejected…make it your goal to go out this week and get rejected at least 10 times.

Odds are good that in your attempt to get 10 rejections, so women actually appreciate you noticing them and are flattered.  All you need is a 10% success rate for this one little game to work.

We will also send you some very powerful self-hypnosis recordings to help rid you of your paranoia of women.  It won’t happen overnight since you’ve already resigned yourself to being submissive, but it WILL work if you don’t get discourage and commit to it.


If you REALLY want to be submissive your whole life, then you just need to find a partner who finds that attractive.

It’s much harder to earn the respect of a quality woman this way, but it is possible. Many women like shy guys…some even have a nerd fetish.

However, we will warn you that their “fetish” is not always permanent.  

Initially, they may find your timidness cute, but most will go back to preferring manly guys at some point.  This often results in cheating and then you’ll be in worse shape than you are now.

Your best hope is to find a woman who has already “sowed her oats” and maybe is divorced/with kids.  Many of these women have priorities that aren’t governed as much by hormones anymore.

With these women, your best bet is to shower them with attention WITHOUT being creepy.  You have to be very careful not to act too nervous because it really turns the girl off no matter how much they like the attention or nerdiness.

As far as how to meet girls, do activities you like, so that the girls around you can see the real you.  

Also, since you’re shy, I recommend you doing things in groups rather than trying to go on traditional “dates.”

With a bunch of people, you won’t have to talk to the girl one on one but she still gets to know you (warning: do group activities like parties, games, concerts, karaoke, etc that actually involve interaction. A group movie outing won’t help you).  

Activities that are silly and make people laugh are always good choices.

In conclusion…many women do have a soft spot for shy guys, but you can’t totally avoid addressing some portion of your own deficiencies.  

Remember, you have to bring as much to the relationship as the other person for it to work long-term.  If you don’t address true weakness in your character, you will have to settle for someone with equal deficiencies or give up ever finding a quality long-term partner.




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