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Women face many dilemmas when it comes to sex and communicating their interests.


How do you indicate interest without appearing too easy or slutty?


Do you just keep silent and pretend to think sex is something evil or nothing of interest?


A recent article/video on Yahoo attempted to address this issue – http://screen.yahoo.com/sexual-innuendo-210000209.html

Unfortunately, it featured the typical primitive advice of a pseudo PUA who failed miserably in helping the woman.

The first attempt was a clear failure that resulted in awkwardness.

The PUA claimed “success” with the second attempt, but anyone who understands social dynamics and attraction knows otherwise.

She approached two guys sitting at the bar and her attempt made them think she was a prostitute or just wanting a free drink. If you watch closely, they didn’t even turn their chair or body to talk to converse with her.


What did she do wrong and why did the PUA fail to help this girl???

The biggest problem was that the PUA focused his advice almost exclusively on VERBAL communication.  

Verbal communication of sexual interest is a very low priority for women.

The proper way for women to communicate sexual interest is simply through proper eye contact and body language.

We have numerous articles in the membership section covering this topic.

Any female looking to increase their ability to communicate interest without the anxiety of knowing what to say should check out our material asap!



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