Holy crap. 5 million users.

We’re happy to announce that /r/funny is the first subreddit to hit 5×106 users. Suck on that, /r/pics.

And a million of you have no idea what the rules are 🙁

So, we’re going to hold a little competition. All entries must be posted as a comment below.

Here’s the deal:

We want you guys to break the rules. As many of them as you can (Except anything that breaks the rules of reddit, including but not limited to rule #11).

  1. Make a comment in this post with a ‘title’ and either a link or text, just as if it were a regular post.

  2. The ‘post’ must break at least one of the rules in the sidebar. Enumerate the rules you’re breaking at the end of your comment so that we don’t end up missing some of the subtlety (hah!).

  3. The winners will be a combination of the most voted as well as those those submissions which break the most rules in one go. Got a social media screenshot that’s a dae and political? That’s a threefer. Winner will get a month of reddit gold!

So that’s the competition. I think the 22362 of you can do better than my paltry attempt at an example.


  1. No personal info, not even as a joke.

  2. While putting everything behind a link shortener may seem like a easy way to break a rule, the spam filter will unofficially DQ you, so don’t bother with that.

  3. Mark NSFW/NSFL material as such. If you don’t, you will be disqualified.

Judgement will be done via a combination of highly objective and obscure statistical models, as well as highly subjective judgments by the mod team (which may or may not include a platypus and a dartboard).

Oh, and did I mention we have 5 million users?

Happy Holidays!