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Conversation Openers – Part I – Overview

A good first impression only guarantees a second impression…   A bad first impression guarantees it is your last!     CONVERSATION OPENERS   Every relationship begins as strangers. The only way to meet people is to start conversations with others (or have them start conversations with you). With respect to dating, those who sit back wait for their prince or princess to find them are inevitably disappointed and...

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4 Things That Kill Her Sex Drive – Men’s Health Article

 “Relationships switch from passionate to compassionate between 6 and 30 months”   Robin Milhausen, Ph.D. sex researcher in Ontario         Wonder why she is losing interest in sex?   An article by Mens Health attempted to solve this issue.   Unfortunately, the article failed to deliver, so we have a special Chapter on our website – Related Dating Advice from the Web – that addresses online...

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