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Conversation Openers – Part I – Overview

A good first impression only guarantees a second impression…   A bad first impression guarantees it is your last!     CONVERSATION OPENERS   Every relationship begins as strangers. The only way to meet people is to start conversations with others (or have them start conversations with you). With respect to dating, those who sit back wait for their prince or princess to find them are inevitably disappointed and...

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Will The Game book get you laid???

  Think all Alpha Male PUA’s with The Game book get laid?           Many guys who buy the Game book by Neil Strauss think they will get laid.   But that is no longer the case…   Why are even the best PUAs with Alpha Male traits starting to struggle?   Does the Game book still work?   Which pickup artist approaches, conversation openers, and tactics are still effective?   Almost everyone –...

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Tweets, Memes, Funny Pics and Quotes

Funny pics and quotes about relationships                 There are worse places to start than Hugh Hefner. He is the ultimate Pickup Artist, and this pic is not only funny but true. It also goes to show that you don’t have to be an Alpha Male PUA with an amazing physique.  You might think that you need money to compensate, but what earned Hugh Hefner all that money was his intelligence and being a...

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