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What are the 3 Steps to Optimacy?

Envision radiating an power that attracts visitors to you instantly. We’re naturally attracted to self-confident, capable and protected individuals. They seem strong, fascinating, and reputable. You can’t MAKE somebody be interested in you personally, but you really can make your-self more appealing. With proper characteristics, you do not REQUIRE pre-planned programs or gadgets. You behave intuitively and become naturally...

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Optimacy Video – The Bachelorette – 2 Ways to Know if You’re in Love

The first step towards wisdom is calling things by their right names. Can you define love??? Understanding love gives you a huge advantage in diagnosing and managing your emotions. If you don’t define “love” for yourself, then you will be a prisoner to whatever definition is applicable to the other person. In this video, we take a comprehensive approach to defining love and teach you the secrets to know when it is REAL! It includes an excerpt...

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7 Minute Workout

  You don’t need expensive gym equipment for a good cardio workout. You don’t even need a home gym or weight bench!       Try the 7 Minute Workout     We don’t sponsor specific exercises at Optimacy because each person should consult with their doctor regarding the right routine for them. However, here is a new article from the NY Times that offers a great alternative you should discuss with your...

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Worst Case Scenarios for Low Self-Esteem – Colorado Movie Massacre

  How does a clean-cut, PhD student commit one of the worst massacres in U.S. history?     It hasn’t taken long for pundits to assign scapegoats…   Gun Control Movie Theater Security Violence in Movies   Improvements in these areas may be warranted, but are these the REAL problem??? Didn’t humans participate in violent atrocities long before guns and movies? Archaeologists have found ancient graveyards...

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11 Requirements for Attracting Others

“Never judge a book by its cover…   But assume everybody else is judging yours.”       What does your “cover” say about you?   What do people think they will see inside based on the image you present?   We all must face a simple fact: looks matter, and they matter a lot. Everything about your look sends messages to others.     Your sense of style can go a long way towards...

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