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Hugh Hefner the ultimate PUA - Pickup Artist


There are worse places to start than Hugh Hefner.

He is the ultimate Pickup Artist, and this pic is not only funny but true.

It also goes to show that you don’t have to be an Alpha Male PUA with an amazing physique.  You might think that you need money to compensate, but what earned Hugh Hefner all that money was his intelligence and being a risk taker.

BTW, you can check out the Roast of Hugh Hefner for some more funny stuff.




Funny quote about love



Funny quote and sentiment, but “love” isn’t really in every corner.  In fact, our article about “What is Love” is a must read.

It’s also important not to benchmark yourself against others.  Just because it “appears” as if others are all successful finding love, doesn’t mean that it’s true.  In reality, anyone with relationship issues is in the MAJORITY – not minority.


Optimacy - How to handle an upset woman

This funny quote reminds us of the article we wrote on Flattery Getting You Nowhere.

It’s important to AVOID stereotypical and common approaches to dealing with people who are upset.

Remember, anyone who is upset has been on the other side and knows the tricks people use to pacify an upset person.  It’s similar to a hot girl who already gets tons of the same compliments and flattery from guys.

In short, use your intuition and creativity instead of the routine “approach”.

Whether it’s picking up a hot girl or calming an upset woman, your chances for success are far greater when you do the unexpected versus the expected.




Optimacy - Milf definition




Optimacy - online dating horror story


Funny quote, but the stigma of online dating has long since passed.  In fact, it’s commonplace now.

You may not meet your soulmate online, but online dating is the perfect place to practice.

Be sure to check out our articles related to online dating to maximize your results.

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