Men have two emotions…


Hungry and Horny




When it comes to attraction…men are typically portrayed as shallow and superficial.

In most cases, the stereotype is true.  What men want is simple, and they are quite content if those needs are met.

The reality is that…

Men’s preference in women is largely based on physical beauty and youth.

There is no sense denying or trying to fight it.  These instincts have evolved over thousands of years and become hardwired in men’s brains.  Attempts to change things at this point would be futile.

A recent article by Men’s Health tried to describe the “perfect women” based on these instincts and used the following image.





Unfortunately…like many articles on the internet…they got some of these wrong or didn’t accurately explain the psychology behind it.

Let’s set the record straight for our Optimacy members.


1.  “She Chuckles—Even at Your Bad Jokes”


The article claimed…

“Canadian researchers found that men are more attracted to women who laugh at their jokes. And according to a Men’s Health survey, more than 75 percent of our readers claim that a sense of humor is most important when it comes to a woman’s must-have characteristics.”

Here…they are confusing two different elements.

A women who laughs at your jokes is DIFFERENT from a woman with a sense of humor.

ANYONE who laughs at your jokes will be more appealing because the opposite response is so negative.

This doesn’t make laughing at bad jokes a “top ten quality”.

It just means that people who don’t laugh make you feel worse than someone who provides you validation.

In reality…a woman who blindly laughs at every bad joke is NOT attractive to men.  It shows desperation, and men lose respect for ANY woman who is too easy to please.


There are also misconceptions about a woman with a sense of humor being attractive.

An article in Psychology Today pointed out…

A woman who deploys a male sense of humor – one that is aggressive or competitive – is a turnoff to men.

Males and females use a humor in different ways.  Men tend to use it to compete for attention. Women tend to use humor to bond with others.

Generally speaking…humor is a great tool for diffusing conflict and is a very attractive trait.

However, each person’s sense of humor must be COMPATIBLE.  If not, it will quickly become a liability in any relationship.



2.  “Her Hips Don’t Lie”


The article said that…

“Men were also more than 11 times as likely to label the narrow-hipped morph as more attractive.”

This isn’t necessarily true and depends on how you define “narrow-hipped”.

Stick-shaped women are popular on catwalks, but numerous studies show they have little appeal to men.

In large part…men’s attraction is governed by biological mating instincts.

As a result, men usually prefer a 70% hips-to-waist ratio (i.e. hourglass figure) because it signals higher fertility.  Higher body-fat content on the butt and thighs also signals a better ability to breast-feed an infant.

Look at men’s magazines like Playboy, Maxim, or Harley Davidson…Notice that you’ll rarely see stick-shaped women.

In cultures where food is more scarce…the attraction to an hourglass-figured woman is even stronger.



3.  “Careers Are Sexy”


The article says…

“Are the days of the trophy wife over? Science seems to think so. According to a study published in the American Journal of Sociology, when men were asked about the makeup of their ideal partner, a majority claimed they’re looking for a woman who can economically pull her own weight in the relationship. See ya later, gold diggers.”

A study that uses primitive survey techniques may show that the “days of the trophy wife are over”, but this is not the case in reality.

It may be disappointing for women to hear but…

An unattractive female with a great job is NOT preferred over an attractive female without a great career.

Despite recent cultural changes, men are still considered the provider of ‘resources’ and woman are attracted to males who can provide the most ‘resources’.

Thus…a good looking woman on a man’s arm is viewed as a testament to his ‘success’.

This is why you will often see an unattractive – but successful – man with a hot wife…however, you rarely see the reverse.



4.  “Red Catches Your Eye”


The article doesn’t mention why red is more attractive to men, so we will fill in the blanks.

Think about a couple of physiological reactions to sex in a woman…

1. The cheeks blush.

2. The lips engorge with blood.

Both are associated with the color red and subliminally impact a man’s preference for this color.

Women take advantage of this daily when they apply makeup (i.e. blush, red lipstick, etc.)



5.  “She’s 2-4 Years Younger than You”


Again…Men’s Health isn’t totally accurate.

Males prefer younger females, but specifying a range of 2-4 years is incorrect.

Men are most attracted to fertile women.  Whether it’s two years or twenty years younger, the exact age difference doesn’t matter.

For example, a 55-year-old male will prefer a woman in her 20s much more than a woman who is just 2-4 years younger than him.





Our job ISN’T to say how things SHOULD BE  related to what men want….we just tell it like it is.

Obviously, exceptions exist and not all men are as shallow as the Men’s Health article implies.

While they hit the mark in some areas, you can’t believe everything you read.

We will continue to stack the odds in your favor by setting the record straight whenever we see something that is misleading or incomplete.

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