If you believe everything you read…

You better not read.




According to a recent study referenced by Lisa Collier Cool on Yahoo! Health…Women prefer skinny guys over masculine guys with square jaws and muscles.

You can read the complete article here, but it goes on to say there is no link between testosterone and “hotness”.

“We found that a man’s weight serves as a better indicator of the relationship between immune response and attractiveness than masculinity does,” University of Pretoria researcher Vinet Coetzee told LiveScience.com.

Coetzee theorizes that women use weight, rather than macho features, to subconsciously make hot-or-not judgments about the men they meet.


In short the article makes the counter-intuitive claim that…


“Hard bodies toned at the gym DON’T turn women on.”


This conclusion defies common sense, intuition, and most people’s personal experience.

It even conflicts with previous studies that show masculine males are more attractive to females.

Science Daily found the complete opposite conclusion in the article (Men With Macho Faces Attractive to Fertile Women, Researchers Find)

With today’s media (and especially ‘research studies’), you can’t always believe what you read.

We decided to take a look at the actual study referenced in Lisa Collier Cool’s article to find out how they arrived at their ‘conclusion’.

It didn’t take us long to find some questionable issues.



“What Women Want”

Study Flaws


1.  They used “sixty-nine Caucasian males (mean age, 23.0; s.d., 3.9; range 19–31) recruited from the University and Transportation College of Daugavpils, Latvia.”

Choosing sixty-nine Caucasian males from 1 specific location of 1 specific country is hardly a representative sample of males.

It certainly doesn’t represent anything that can be extrapolated to the United States.

Latvia is one of the least populous and under-developed nations in the European Union.  There is a huge difference in their cultural evolution and influences compared to the United States.


2.  They used “twenty-nine heterosexual Caucasian women reporting regular menstrual cycles and no use of hormonal contraception from the University of Daugavpils, Latvia (mean age, 20.0; s.d., 1.9)”

Only twenty-nine women…all of which were Caucasian, from the same area, and almost the same age???

Publishing an article “What women want” on Yahoo based on 29 Caucasian females in Latvia with a mean age of 20 years old is sheer folly.


3.  They directly asked the women to rate the men’s attractiveness instead of measuring the chemical reactions in their body.

As more comprehensive studies show, women have different gauges for ‘attractiveness’ depending on if it’s a long-term or short-term partner.

In addition, participants tend to show bias in answering DIRECT questions if one answer makes them look better than another.

In many cases, a macho guy has a negative stigma and is associated with the terms ‘player’, ‘bad boy’, etc.

Soliciting a DIRECT response from women about such a male exhibits primitive research techniques.

More reputable studies would measure chemical reactions in the body to determine a participants level of attraction.  Blood pressure, dilated pupils, and cheek flush-ness would all be more accurate tools than what this study used.





In short…we obviously do NOT agree with the conclusions listed in this Yahoo article.

We never thought we’d have to do an article to point out the obvious, but…


Women DO find masculine men more attractive.  


Hard bodies ARE hotter than skinny counter-parts.


Guys spend hours at the gym for a reason.  Some even do illegal drugs such as steroids to improve their appearance.  If these things didn’t have a tangible impact, they wouldn’t be done…period.

There are always exceptions, but…generally speaking…a woman’s DNA is wired to find these traits more attractive than not.

Culture, race, demographics and many other factors influence our views of attraction and can overcome these biological tendencies.

In fact, almost all of our teachings are designed to show you how to overcome disadvantages in these areas.

For example, our article on “Getting Out of the Friends Zone” will give you some good insight on ‘What Women Want”.

However, make no mistake…any masculine guy with muscles WILL have an innate advantage based on instincts alone.

Any study that goes overboard in claiming these instincts don’t exist should be questioned…especially if the ‘study’ is done with primitive methods of accumulating data.

In short, the lesson is simple… DON’T ALWAYS BELIEVE WHAT YOU READ!


Why do we tend to believe everything we read?


The above study brings up a more macro issue.

Many people believe misleading headlines or outrageous rumors when published in the media.

“Even educated people have a psychological tendency to believe everything they read at first”, says Jeremy Dean of PsyBlog.

I would encourage you to read this article because it references studies by one of Optimacy’s favorite scientists – Daniel Gilbert.

In short…the findings suggest that…

“Believing is NOT a two-stage process involving first understanding then believing.  

Instead understanding is believing, a fraction of a second after reading it, you believe it until some other critical faculty kicks in to change your mind.”

Therefore…The next time you read something that sounds a little outlandish, make sure you don’t just accept it.

Take time to absorb it and then question the material.

The amount of misleading and primitive material on the web related to dating advice has inspired us to start a new Chapter called “Checkup”.

Much like this article…we will review information circulating the web and comment as applicable.


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