Your Facebook profile is a commercial for YOU!!!





A recent survey on Mashables (link) asked about when you should change your relationship status on Facebook.

It’s fun to read, but YOUR decision should NOT be influenced by a survey.

Here are some tips though:

  1. Talk about it in ADVANCE with your significant other.
  2. Think about the worse case scenario. (Are you OK with the embarrassment of changing it back if you break-up.)
  3. What are your motivations for publicly changing your status?

Remember…you don’t HAVE to display your relationship status at all. Usually your close friends already know if you are in a relationship, so make sure it is really a NECESSARY change.

Your FB profile is a commercial for YOU! You don’t want to sully your reputation by constantly changing your relationship status haphazardly.

Celebrate things on FB that are truly worth celebrating and sharing with friends and acquaintances.

Facebook Status Change Survey

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