Hemp Vs Marijuana – Is There a Difference?

Tuesday , 16, June 2020 Comments Off on Hemp Vs Marijuana – Is There a Difference?
Hemp vs Marijuana Online

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Cannabidiol (CBD) has hit the mainstream in recent years. You hear it from your friends, news and magazine ads. You may also have noticed some products on the shelves of your supermarket or grocery shop. This is in contrast to marijuana products which are illegal to buy, sell or use unless you live in a state where it is legalized for medical or recreational purposes. Even when you live in a legal cannabis state, you will need to visit a licensed dispensary or use mail order marijuana services to get it. Why are the two substances treated so differently? The answer is simple – marijuana can get you high while hemp cannot. Let us try to understand the similarities and differences between hemp and marijuana. 

What is Hemp? How Does It Differ From Marijuana?

With such a distinction between hemp and marijuana, most people assume wrongly that they are different species. But, actually, hemp and marijuana belong to the same species of plants – Cannabis Sativa. There are some important ways in which these two compounds differ. Here are the main differences:

Chemical Composition

Marijuana is any plant with 0.3 percent or higher THC content. It is the main psychoactive compound in the cannabis. The more the THC you take, higher are the effects you notice. THC gets you high. Hemp plants, on the other hand, are cannabis plants with less than 0.3 percent THC. 


In earlier times, cannabis was used by people for producing clothing, paper, rope and as a herbal medicine as well as a recreational drug. But after the 1930s, things began to change. All the cannabis plants came to be known as controlled substances. It was after the Farm Bill of 2018 that hemp was legalized for industrial growth in most states. Marijuana, on the other hand, is still known as Schedule 1 drug and any product containing marijuana is illegal under federal law. 

What are Hemp and Marijuana Used for?

Human beings used to breed cannabis plants for thousands of years for their medicinal as well as psychoactive properties. These plants are today known as marijuana plants. They are available to people who live in legal states in the form of different products like Cannabis flowers online for vaping and smoking. They are known for their naturally high levels of THC. 

Other type of cannabis plants were grown for their seeds and fiber to make fabric, supplements and foods. These are today known by the name industrial hemp plants and they have very low levels of THC. Hemp is used mainly for the production of CBD products


As hemp and marijuana are used for different purposes, two varieties have come up with different appearances. A major part of THC and other components of the cannabis plants are found in the cannabis flowers online sources suggest. These plants are bushy and short as compared to hemp plants. 

Industrial hemp plants are skinny and tall as compared to their counterparts. They were mainly grown for fiber which is found in the stalks of the plant.